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Edition: March/April 2015

  • Editorial- March / April 2015

    Greetings As I write this, it seems strange that summer’s fierce heat will soon give way to autumn chills. The long summer evenings, which have made loadshedding less of a hardship, are coming to an end and the earlier dusk provides a welcome respite to…

  • Relaxing Into Being: The creative process of Living

    RELAXING INTO BEING The creative process of Living That is the best life advice I’ve heard lately: You write, and only then you figure out what it was that you wanted to say. Well, life could be just like art. You don’t really know what…

  • Gout

      GOUT The festive season has come and gone and our New Year’s celebrations are all but a distant memory. One of the common consequences of an overzealous festive season with delicious food and rich wine is gout. Gout is a common form of arthritis…

  • Evidence Based Hope

    Evidence Based Hope Ever since the mirror was discovered, humans became very concerned with how they appear to the rest of the world, and few are totally content with the image reflected back to them. A quick search on Google reveals that human beings have…

  • Abundance Online Money School – Competition

    When it comes to money, many people are living their lives at the effect of their bank balance. Does that sound like you? The negative impact of this is massive, right down to a cellular level in your body! But what if it was not…

  • Giveaway Enchantrix hamper

      Giveaway: Stand a chance to win a lovely hamper of Enchantrix products to the value of R350! Send an email with Enchantrix Giveaway in the subject line to or call 021-788-3824 before 31 March 2015 Organic baby, Body, Cleaning, Hair care & Pet…

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