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Edition: July/August 2015

  • July/August 2015 Editorial

    Greetings In May, I had the privilege of attending the Shibuie workshop at Art in the Forest that was advertised here recently. What a wonderful experience! The fun of working with clay. The frustration of trying to elicit delicate leaves and flowers with ink and…

  • PresentChild Method

    PresentChild method®: Help heal your children by healing yourself. The PresentChild method® was developed by Janita Venema in Holland where it has been helping parents and children for the last 20 years. It is a deep healing technique used to treat a wide range of…


    QUANTUM BODY- BRAIN REBOOT For human beings, our individual history (story) becomes our Biology. During traumatic events energetic blockages can occur which may be stored anywhere within the physical body. These blockages, if left unresolved, may develop into dis-ease over time. Quantum Body-Brain Reboot Treatment…

  • What I learned while dying in an ambulance – By Jevon Dangeli

    What I learned while dying in an ambulance You are about to discover the awesome power of the mind, breath and miracles in medical emergencies and in everyday life! The following real life changing event unfolded in 2007 in the town of Langebaan. It took…

  • The Most Important Thing by Macarena Vergara

    The Most Important Thing “The most imprtant thing is to find out what is the most important thing” Shunryu Suzuki As it usually goes with Zen quotes, the one above is deceptively simplistic! At the start of this year I found myself thinking about how…

  • A six step formula for finding employment by Jennifer Ritchie

    A six step formula for finding employment The education system in South Africa – both secondary and tertiary provides little guidance or insight into the process involved in finding suitable employment. Most of us adopt a scattered and silo based approach – putting together what…

  • Competition: Enchantrix hamper giveaway

    Competition Enchantrix Giveaway Stand a chance to win a lovely hamper of Enchantrix products to the value of R350! Send an email with Enchantrix Giveaway in the subject line to OR call Estelle on 021-788-3824 BEFORE 31 July. No related posts.

  • Why We March Against Monsanto

    March Against Monsanto is a grassroots movement founded by Tami Monroe Canal in 2013. Every year, millions of people take to the streets in a worldwide peaceful protest united against Monsanto’s attempted monopoly and corporate control over the worlds’ seeds and food webs. We are…

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