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Edition: January / February 2015

  • Editorial January/February 2015

    A Happy New Year to all the Link Up readers and advertisers. I trust that 2015 will be an good year for everyone. Congratulations to our winners of the November giveaways: David Kapp and Zorina Bavasah both win a copy of Linda’s Abundance Diary for…

  • Why making each second count is more important than counting calories

    At the beginning of last year, each of us received 31 556 926 seconds to use as we wish. Sometimes our actions were purposeful and those seconds were spent wisely, moving us closer to our desired goals. At other times, less wise choices pushed us…

  • How to deal with difficult people and improve your relationships by Jevon Dängeli

    This article introduces ideas that can help to broaden your perspectives as well as shift perceptual positions, no matter how complicated your interaction with another may be. With a broader view and a multiple perception stand-point you will have greater freedom to choose mindful responses…

  • Your journey to wellness starts here

    In the blink of an eye Christmas has come and gone and with it comes the new year. A new year filled with new opportunities and the infamous New Year’s resolutions that need to be carried out. Everyone is jumping onto the “healthy living” bandwagon…

  • Cellular Inflammation

    Cellular inflammation is a chronic form of inflammation that can go on for years unnoticed. This is because it often occurs without any pain or acute symptoms. However, if we pay attention, there are many signs that can be picked up on and many lifestyle…

  • Giveaway: Enchantrix competition

    Stand a chance to win a lovely hamper of Enchantrix products to the value of R350! Send an email with Enchantrix Giveaway in the subject line to OR call Estelle on 021-788-3824 BEFORE 31 January. No related posts.


    Maggots make a meal of a woman’s ear canal. BIZARRE When Rochelle returned home to England from a trip to Peru, she kept hearing a scratching in her ear, had severe headaches, dscharge from the ear. It was discovered she had flesh-eating maggots deep inside…

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